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Smart Tire Inflator

Smart Tire Inflator

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About This Item:

Punctured tire? There are no repair stations nearby.

  • If continues to drive may endanger the life hidden danger too big! Car Air Pump, This is probably the best-aerated mercury available. The product is equipped with 3 accessory airbags, which can be used for bicycles and motorcycles in addition to cars.
  • All kinds of ball, canoeing, inflatable sofa, etc.
  • SLOT TRACHEA COLLECTION: Unique slot trachea placement design, simple and convenient, not only can play the role of easy collection, not messy but also can effectively protect the trachea.
  • EMBEDDED COLLECTION: Wire, air nozzle are embedded collection, fast and convenient, not messy, not easy to lose the air nozzle, each design is considered by the user.
  • DIGITAL TIRE PRESSURE METER: With high precision tire pressure meter, you can control the tire pressure at the same time as inflation.
  • LED LIGHT: The air pump comes with a high-brightness LED light to illuminate the environment in the dark at night to solve your worries
  • COMPACT SHAPE: Easy to carry, unique design.


  • Main material: Environment-friendly non-toxic plastic.
  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Product style: digital
  • Product size: 17cm in diameter
  • Thickness: 5cm

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