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Retractable Car Window Sunshade

Retractable Car Window Sunshade

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  • The product has the advantages of efficient heat preservation, automatic winding, convenient installation, no damage to the body, and strong practicability.
  • Can provide effective sun protection. The instrument panel strengthens the sun protection function, which can be freely stretched according to the width of the car.
  • The appearance is elegant and practical, and the roller blind design is adopted.
  • Rugged super suction cup installation, non-destructive installation, simple, stable and fast.
  • It is suitable for most vehicles and can help your car to isolate more than 90% of sunlight.


  • Material: PVC
  • Type: Sunshade
  • Size:
  • 40*60 dot black, 40*60 laser silver.
  • 50*125 dot black, 50*125 laser silver.
  • 58*125 dot black, 58*125 laser silver.
  • 68*125 dot black, 68*125 laser silver .
  • Installation method: Suction cup type

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