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RC Plane Toy

RC Plane Toy

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  • The aircraft is scaled down according to the F35 warplane, with high fidelity, two-channel design, motor differential control of the airplane for left and right turns, and throttle control for up and descent.

  • Fighter fully assembled mode, ready to fly. Built-in 3-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilizing system, flying more easily.

  • Light weight & Stable: Be made of EPP and ABS material, lightweight, durable, and impact resistance, not easy to break, good stability.

  • Easy to Control: 2.4Ghz, no interference. Two-channel design, simple operation, good flight experience.
  • It is safe and will not hurt people, very suitable for both beginners and amateurs.

  • Good Gift for Kids: The airplane is a good toy for young kids as it benefits their continuing brain development. Best holiday gift for the coming year, also for the kid's birthday.

  • When to fly: choose calm weather (not windy or rainy)
  • Site selection: choose an open place.
  • Flight mode: Ground takeoff or hand throw flight.
  • Basic functions: Lift, Advance and Retreat, turn, side fly, fine-tuning,
  • Matching way: First open the aircraft power, and then turn on the remote control power.
  • Throttle stick to the minimum, automatic match, the light is always on the success of the frequency.


  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Flight time: >12~15 minutes
  • Charging time: About 35Remote control distance: 150 meters
  • Remote control mode: 2.4G
  • Aircraft size: 390x280x80m
  • Function:
  • 1. Full proportional control of take-off and landing.
  • 2. Turn left and turn right.
  • 3. The aircraft can automatically repair the flight balance during flight.

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